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Welcome to the website of Charles J. Coven. Whether you are here on purpose or simply by accident, please look around because you may see or--better yet--hear something you like. Charles is not only a composer, he also works as a librettist, a playwright, a lyricist, and a private teacher, whose studio consists of upwards to fifty piano, guitar, composition, and art students. 

Musically, Charles enjoys writing modern experimental and theatrical music. His creative interest in both of these styles is to explore the juxtaposition of tonal and atonal sonorities; thus, invoking an overall sound and tone to which most are accustomed but with the inclusion of little surprises in the form of "color tones," vibrant traditional and nontraditional chords, and improvisational techniques coalesced with "planned out" music. The blending of such elements is sure to bring the listener a new, unique, and sometimes unusual experience. 


"The evening's music seemed to echo slow moving herds of elephants on empty plains of cattle or battles between gods on cracked soil."
– Daily Kent Stater

His theatrical music has a flair and elegance that echoes from the past--like Roger's and Hammerstein or Gershwin--but with a modern twist (Kristen Benner, Mezzo-soprano).

Current News

Spring 2015

 Currently, Charles is starting his second full length musical, "Shattered," as well as "Eye of the Storm," an orchestral piece dedicated to Troy Webdell and the South Shore Orchestra in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

Summer 2015

Art classes begin on Saturday, June 21st. Classes are nearly full, so if you are interested in experiencing the value, passion, and significance art has to offer, contact me immediately.